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Project Office H

We all know boring offices are a thing of the past. Right?


The brief

The client, a tech company,  recently moved their offices into a beautiful monumental villa. It came with really nice bones, classic herringbone wooden floors and built-in cabinets. However, it was also fitted with those typical suspended office ceilings and a meetingroom with generic office furniture not fitting to the space. They were looking to create a welcoming surrounding to work in and meet with their guests.

The desks, office chairs and computer screens were already taken care of, so the design focuses on making the rest of the space inviting.


Design Process

In two rounds the client was guided through:

+ Two opposing moodboards: a neutral vs. a colorful palette

+ (Custom) furniture options

+ Art for the walls

+ Shoppinglist and project management


An office with a livingroom

Since this original space was a villa it was very fitting to treat one area as a living room. Perfect for short 1-on-1 meetings and to welcome guests.



Two design directions

When a client is flexible in their style I like to offer two opposing moodboards. This opens up the options for the client and brings a fun discussion to what fits their companies values better. In this case the client loved both styles and asked for the base to remain scandinavian neutral while adding more color in the meetingroom. This room was a perfect place to customize the chairs with a comfortable and colorful textile seating.

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Green hallway entrance interior design

Project Entrance

Making an entrance. That’s what this small space, a.k.a the hallway, is all about.


The brief

The client recently moved into a newly built home and although the living area was coming along it was the hallway that was still bare and unwelcoming. They wanted a place that was functional, welcoming and fitting to the rest of the house.


Design Process

In several rounds the client was guided through:

+ A moodboard with clean elements in different color palettes.

+ Options for shoe and coat storage

+ Wall treatment options

+ 3D visualization of the narrow space

+ Additional accessories


Wall Treatment

For this space the wall treatment was very important. We even looked at eye-popping wallpapers and pink fresco paint, but opted for a cleaner and more durable look in the end. To match the rest of the house we ended up with the Setting Plaster paint by Farrow & Ball. It’s an interesting color that has elements of dusty pink and gray in it. It will add warmth to  the space without making it too (stereotypically) feminine.


Sophisticated Ikea hack

In a narrow hallway storage is crucial for all the shoes and coats. Sometimes the best option is a built-in, but here we ended up making an elegant shoe cabinet reminiscent of a vanity desk. The Ikea hack is a combination of an Ikea Besta unit with the fronts and legs by Superfront (love their designs and options!). See the different options I played around with in the images. The brass handles and legs finish off the cabinet, giving it a more exclusive feel.


Stay tuned for the pictures of the final result.


Photo source first image

Project Oficina Barcelona

This young digital advertising company from Barcelona was moving offices and looking to upgrade their new place to a professional yet fun working space that would reflect their brand.

Based on an initial meeting several style directions were proposed upon which we continued with a lofty, green and industrial feeling…not forgetting a surprising element.

See more pictures and read about the design here.

Project Emerald Living Room

This family wanted to create an apartment fitting to its neighbourhood area where all streets are named after Dutch painters. In the bedrooms they literally brought the Dutch masters in through wallpaper depicting famous paintings from the collection of the Rijksmuseum.
For the living room however, the briefing was to create a luxurious art deco feeling.
Following on this brief a moodboard was created to envision the atmosphere of the place. This was followed up with several furniture options including different distributions. Here you can see two furniture routes visualized.


The pictures underneath show the final result.
By removing a wall the kitchen was connected to the living room space. The emerald green kitchen tiles were especially sourced from Barcelona, while the green wallpaper connects the living room with the kitchen.
New stairs were created to connect to the upper floor. A storage space underneath was created, which was highly valued by the family.

Project Family Home

This is a conceptual example of a ground floor for a family home with teenagers.

The assignment was to redistribute the ground floor and develop a moodboard including all the materials, lighting and finishing. I decided to open up the floorplan which had been divided in several separate rooms. The design focuses on creating a spacious family house while also having enough corners for the family members to do their individual work/hobbies if needed.


Overall plan

After reading the client brief I decided that a few things were important:

+ updating and opening the kitchen area

+ creating a space which was family friendly and has enough space for playing/working/studying/entertaining and relaxing

+ creating an open dining room that connects to the kitchen

+ open floor plan so that all family activities feel more connected + more light gets in from the front windows

+ connecting the garden on the north side to the house with big windows and folding doors

+ the walls adjacent to the stairs had to be kept. So I decided that all separate areas (laundry and powder room) would be connected to these walls in order to keep the rest of the plan open


I created three moodboards with different color schemes:
1.  Achromatic / White, greys and black combined with textures like wood, brass and rotan
2. Monochromatic scheme / Tones of blue
3. Triadic scheme / The Pantone 2016 colors (Rose Quartz and Serenity) in combination with yellow gold


Other elements that were included, but not pictured: finishing schedules (light fixtures, floors & walls), decorative textiles, perspective hand drawing and a lighting plan.


Photo source first image

Project Costa Brava

For decades this family has spent their summers in this coastal town on the Costa Brava in Spain. Different generations have passed through its rooms and many memories have been made. Now a new generation embarks on its holiday and the request was to give this appartment a fresh update, fitting to a beachtown and also functional enough to last for decades to come.

The design process started with the drawing of the current floorplan and the proposal for the new floorplans. By opening up the kitchen to the living room more light will come in and the spaces will be better connected. The client was also given an option to renovate the bathrooms, to make them more functional.

The moodboard is inspired by the colors of the Costa Brava coast and a Californian vibe. The materials will be light, natural, with a pop of blue referencing the Mediteranean sea that can be seen from the balcony.