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I like to discover and tell stories…
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Time to

visualize your future.


My love for images and interest in personal development have translated into organizing workshops. I organize two types of workshops: Mood Board  and Vision Board. Both can be applied to the individual as well as to teams. Discover the possibilities here below.

Vision Board workshop image2

Mood Board workshop

Mood boards are a great visual tool when you want to create a cohesive visual story for your interior, product, brand or packaging. In this workshop I take you through the different ways of creating not only a useful mood board, but also an appealing one.

Vision Board Workshop

A vision board is a visual representation of something you would like to manifest in the future. Perhaps the career your want, the type of relationships you desire or the house you want to live in. The purpose does not matter, it is the visualization and letting go of barriers in your mind that will help you reach your dreams.


This is also a great teambuilding exercise: how does each individual picture the ideal team and working enviornment?

Stay in the loop

A few times a year I organize vision board workshops. If you would like to attend a workshop or stay informed about upcoming dates please sign up below.